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Haiti: 6 July 05 Massacre of Cite Soleil

On the 6th July 2005 US controlled occupation forces in Haiti, UN MINUSTAH, massacred citizens of Cite Soleil in an unprovoked pre-dawn raid. UN forces also assassinated human rights activist Emmanuel ‘Dread’ Wilme after criminalising him and falsely labeling him as a ‘bandit’. Hear an interview with Emmanuel ‘Dred’ Wilme and Lakou New York (in Kreyol) and read the English transcription

UN Cover up in Haiti by Kevin Pina

On June 18, family, friends and supporters of Haitian priest Father Gerard Jean-Juste gathered at the national cathedral to pay their final respects and lay him to rest. Few expected the solemn occasion would be transformed into confusion and terror as U.N. forces opened fire towards Haiti’s national cathedral following the arrest of one of the mourners. A victim of a single gunshot wound to the head would be discovered moments later. Witnesses say his body writhed and convulsed struggling with the inevitable as blood slowly formed a crimson background around his head.

Jean-Juste would probably not be surprised by the shooting given that he was a leader of Lavalas and this was after all a Lavalas funeral. He would most likely recall many other instances of human rights abuses committed against Lavalas where the U.N. was complicit or directly involved. He would often criticize the U.N. mission in Haiti for killing unarmed civilians in Cite Soleil and for training the Haitian police as they regularly shot up peaceful demonstrations, performed summary executions and falsely arrested Lavalas supporters following the ouster of Aristide in Feb. 2004. Jean-Juste more than most, would understand that this incident is but one more in a long list of violent offenses committed against the movement of the majority of the poor in Haiti as part of the U.N.’s current experiment in political landscaping. Continue Reading