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Victor Mukasa: Coming out trans in Uganda


Victor Mukasa discusses being a LGBT activist in Uganda and coming out first as a lesbian and than as transgender.

“It wasn’t easy and it is still not easy,” he said, adding that he still goes back to his native land when necessary. “Uganda is my home, I was born and bred there. For 32 years that was my home. My struggle most importantly is not in Canada, not in Britain, it is not in South Africa … but my permanent struggle is in Uganda. [Uganda] is not OK for us to stay in. We are at a point where we should be in some kind of an asylum-seeking process. For me to be kept away is such pain.”

“My name can be the most wanted in Uganda even when I’m not there,” Mukasa said. “Some people stay — not because they are not being persecuted. Actually, they are being persecuted more than anybody else — but because that is their struggle and it is their calling. They were called to liberate others, to speak on behalf of others who could not speak. Continue Reading….

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