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Feminism is an activism
In the service of equal
Rights for all women with
-out exception; all of us.
Congratulate yourself
When you hear echoes of
The gunshots pow, pow followed by a ring, ring,
Hits concrete or metal,
Setting my nerves on end.
Don’t call yourself a
You de-feminist yourself
Everytime you turn the
Vocal screw sreaming
With hatred because I
Became a woman,
A woman in a body of one’s own out of the 20s
Or the lonely wells of the
When Jen said she
Always thought of me as
Such you sizzled & hissed.
I saw how much burden
You carried, always trying
In complicity & truth at
The same time, yours.
In such a forced, false way
You held me as a friend.
Feminism isn’t intolerant
People are, people like
You who must protect
Other from as if I were a
Insipid Infestation or so?
All that is yours, all yours
Even when you echo the
Thoughts phobic in
others as favour.
Every opportunity your
Pounce oblivious again &
Again only you can’t
Recollect when tasked with what worse you did.
All I want is a body; mine
Governed here by me.
Don’t congratulate me then conflagrate and say
‘Always a friend then put
Me up for the hit.

Mia Nikasimo (c)


  1. hello mia,
    i work for JASS (Just Associates-http:/ and would like to post your poem (with credit and a link to your site) on our blog ( JASS is a global organization that works with women to strength and sustain women’s collective organizing power. Please email me and let me know.

  2. Hi there Charlotta Beavers, I’m pleased that you are interested in the poem, “Feminism” as featured on the website, “Blacklooks” authored by Sokari.

    I am happy for the poem to appear on your site crediting me only for the poem and Sokari for the website as I’m told you have been informed.

    Sincerely yours,