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Fleeing in the time of Biafra

No one speaks of Biafra but scrape the surface and half of the yellow sun still rises. This short story published in 234NEXT goes some way to break the silence.

Going Home by Chika Unigwe

She said it started with the wife of the Igbo headmaster who was hacked to death in her own home. Neither Mike nor Egbuna remembered the headmaster’s wife. “She called you her boyfriends and Mike especially was shy of her. Every time she came Mike would run and hide in the bedroom. She was very fond of both of you.”

Her gate men had colluded and murdered her while her husband was away on a school trip. “That day, that same day, I swore we were leaving the North. I knew the Hausa meant business then. ” And they did not leave in a car….. Continue reading


Likembe – excellent blog on African music classics – publishes a collection of music from Biafra like this one by Rex Lawson “There is death everywhere” . For more on Biafran music see here