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Naija Nymph

You won’t hear of mermaids in folklore
Not to mention in naijan
Daily life. “It a western thing. It’s not for us,”
Said my naija nymph
Sweet as fleshly harvested honey. I smiled.
If only that were true?
“Naija isn’t impervious to
Evolution like the West it
Will break free of itself,” I
Said savouring sanity over delusional desires to
Be pure, secure, never ever obscure! “Does that
Mean, ‘past progress’?” I
Said gingerly as a puma.
My dearest naija nymph
Wasn’t ready to see the country grow, grow.

Mia Nikasimo (c)


  1. Beautifully written

  2. Thank you. There’s more to come. Watch this space…