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Sexual and gender based violence has no geo boundaries

Concerned African Scholars have a special bulletin on Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Africa. Lest we demonise Africa as a sight of exceptional rates of sexual and gender based violence, the editor Dan Moshenberg, makes the point that it happens in the UK, USA, Europe and everywhere else…..

There is no geographical border to sexual and gender-based violence. It happens everywhere, and all the time……

Do sexual and gender based violence have a history, globally? It’s one thing to say that in a particular place at a particular time, there was an increase or an abatement in sexual and gender based violence. It’s quite another to look across the expanse of the world, or even a continent.

And what if that continent were Africa?

This Bulletin began in response to news reports of “corrective” and “curative” gang rapes of lesbians in South Africa. These were then followed by news reports of a study in South Africa that found that one in four men in South Africa had committed rape, many of them more than once. We wanted to bring together concerned Africa scholars and committed African activists and practitioners, to help contextualize these reports. We wanted to address the ongoing situation of sexual and gender based violence on the continent, the media coverage of sexual and gender based violence in Africa, and possibilities for responses, however partial, that might offer alternatives to the discourse of the repeated profession of shock or the endless, and endlessly reiterated, cycle of lamentation.

The bulletin brings together writers of prose, poetry, scholars, human rights activists, lawyers, gender and transgender advocates, researchers and more Read the entire bulletin here


  1. hopefully people will stand up and take notice now

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