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Remembering Busi

Today is Busi’s birthday, she would have been 29 but she died on the 12th March 2007.

Busi was 25, a survivor or rape, HIV+ with diabetes and other complications. This photo was taken by me on the 18th February 2007 – one of those happy days of just hanging out with friends – I love this photo cause she looks so happy and so strong!


This is the last text I received from Busi wishing me safe travels to Durban. I am happy I kept it.

“8 things God does in Ps107. He Redeems. He Gathers. He Delivers. He Leads. He Satisfies. He Saves. He Heals. He Blesses. May he continue 2 shower u wit his glorious love ! Hope u having a gudday & have a safe one 2 Durban. Love”

She died. Dear Busi – she was also happy because she was having a story published, she had so much to live for despite her illness and pain.

Busi’s story


  1. God Bless Dear Busi’s soul – don’t we all know someone like her? If YOU know someone who is hurt or troubled or in pain, reach out to them WHILE THEY ARE ALIVE!

    Seasons Greetings, Sokari!

  2. May Busi’s soul rest in perfect peace.

    Hope all is well with you. Despite the melancholy of this post (and deservedly so), let me say that you were tagged in the SAY SOMETHING NICE MEME at my blog. Be sure to check it out when you can. Merry Christmas.

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    Thanks SS – will check it out but trying to limit my online time right now! Happy Xmas to your too – though as I said previously I do not celebrate this holiday 🙂