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Earthquake, Haiti

Haiti action plan

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On Wednesday evening it published the following headline warning us that disaster capitalism was ready to roll.

Amidst the Suffering, Crisis in Haiti Offers Opportunities to the U.S. | The Foundry:

and called for the “reshaping” of Haiti. 2 hours later it had removed the headline and changed the post to:

“Things to do while helping Haiti”

and removed the reference to “reshaping” . We should not be fooled by the change in the wording. The plan and ideology remains the same. Shailja Patel has published an excellent ten point plan action for Haiti which can be used to form the basis of a new international campaign for Haiti.

1. Grants, not loans.
2. Keep corporations and corporatist policies OUT. Stop disaster capitalism in its tracks.
3. Cancel ALL Haiti’s debt to the Inter-American Development Bank.
4. Let Aristide return to Haiti.
5. Lift the ban on Aristide’s Fanmi Lavalas political party.
6. Rip up the neoliberal pre-earthquake Clinton-Obama program for Haiti: tourism, sweatshops, privatization, deregulation.
7. Do not allow US military or UN “peacekeepers” to point guns at desperate Haitians.
8 .Allow all Haitians in the US to work, and remit money home.
9. Release all 30,000 Haitians held in US jails for deportation, and grant them Temporary Protected Status.
10. Demand that France start repaying the $21 billion it extorted from Haiti in 1825, to “compensate” France for loss of Haiti as a slave colony.

Haitian Links:

Continued live stream in Kreyol – They’ve been on air since late Tuesday. People are phoning in telling their stories and looking for family and friends

people are working together and showing solidarity, helping those worse off to save lives
difficult even to estimate loss of life yet
those with lesser injuries have to wait for attentiaon – eg broken arms
one senator confirmed dead
president issued statement:
much pain in our hearts, namy dead bodies, many gravely injured still trapped
the country always suffering but today so much more
those of you still trapped, don’t lose hope. one of us suffering is all of our pain


Haiti Action Emergency Relief Fund A grassroots non-profit working in Haiti
SOPUDEP School – a school which serves some of the poorest children in Port-au-Prince. I have visited the school and spent time with Rea Dol who runs the school. She is also a commited long term activist in the community. We know she is OK but we are not sure of the school. Any monies donated will be held until it is known that she can access funds.

Haiti Liberte
Haiti Land of Freedom
The Haitian Blogger

Haitian Feed

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  1. “10. Demand that France start repaying the $21 billion it extorted from Haiti in 1825, to “compensate” France for loss of Haiti as a slave colony.” Today the Paris club has now accepted to completely write off Haiti´s debt. Shame.
    .-= Beauty´s last blog ..UK Parliament Sleaze, Nigerian Politics, Tony Baldry MP & Sarosh Zaiwalla =-.

  2. Comment by post author


    If that is true it is welcome – but the $21 billion remains outstanding!