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President Museveni distances himself from Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Nonetheless it is not clear how much of the Bill he is distancing himself from so the pressure needs to be kept up as clearly it working.


  1. I am not impressed. 🙁
    .-= anengiyefa´s last blog ..Dispelling rumours of his death.. =-.

  2. How about Museveni just coming out and saying ‘kill it’?
    .-= Monica Roberts´s last blog ..Damn Black People- Can You Chill With The Transphobia? =-.

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    Monica@ its crap – just listening to the man disgusts me –

  4. Saratu

    Effin’ cowards….

  5. Jd

    I dont agree with this fool,
    Whitey says accept batty men & call them normal, so we seh look we are civilised too, batty men are OK, sound.
    Like fuck! Why the hell should we crawl up whiteys backside (pun intended) and pretend that something we know is abnormal & wrong, is right.
    If you want to do batty business then do it behind closed doors, that is your right. But do not try and tell me to accept it as right and normal.
    Dont show me a blue sky and tell me its red, then say i am backward if I dont agree to your lie.

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    @JD Because I dont support censoring comments, I have allowed yours to pass. Nevertheless I find your comment ignorant and beyond that not worthy of a response.

  7. Jd

    I cannot believe that the term censorship would even cross your mind, or is that how you deal with opinions that differ to your own? I am pleased that you are willing to engage in civilized discourse rather than tread the totalitarian path.

    I believe that we all have the right to live as we wish and indulge in any lifestyle or activities as long as we do not try to force our opinions on others. Or cause harm to others by that which we do.

    I also believe it is wrong to persecute others because of their sexuality.

    However It is just as wrong to make the false claims coming from the homosexual community claiming that homosexuality is normal & natural behavior, despite not one shred of empirical evidence to support this view (apart from wishful thinking).

    No matter how much this false mantra is fed to the public, it will never succeed, because it is wrong! It is far better to preach tolerance than to keep beating us over the head in a vain attempt to brainwash us in accepting a falsehood, by doing this you cause resentment which in turn breeds hatred ending in the type of genocidal garbage preached by Museveni & his ilk.

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    @Jd because your initial comment was bordering on abuse in tone and language and you know that very well or you would not have changed both in this comment. Its not about differing opinions – it is about what words you use and you also know that very well. As for totalitarian path I believe that was your chosen direction and once again you have chosen to thankfully discard that. If you had written this comment in the first place we would not be having this discussion!

    With regard to your comment I am so happy you believe it wrong to persecute people on the basis of their sexuality. As for the rest i disagree with you on all counts and I have nothing more to say in response.

  9. And there is not one shred of empirical evidence either that homosexuality is NOT natural behaviour. Its occurrence in the animal kingdom confounds those like Jd who insist on it being unnatural. Indeed, the available evidence is more in favour of homosexuality being a small part of Nature than not.

    Furthermore, the agitation in Africa in modern times for rights and recognition for homosexuals is relatively recent. But the “genocidal garbage” preached by the likes of Bahati in the Uganda Parliament has its roots and is engendered not by the demand by homosexual Ugandans for the right to be free from discrimination on account of their sexual orientation, but rather from the transfer of alien ideas and attitudes to Africa more than a century ago. Pre-colonial Africans were well aware of homosexuality and tolerated it to a greater degree than many of us in the modern world.

    Homosexuality is a part of human sexuality, of which it is only a variation. And it has been with humanity from the inception of mankind. A person’s sexual orientation is what he is born with and human sexuality is not as simple and straight forward as many of us like to think it is. What we have are different shades of grey, rather than just black and white.

    Also and rather unfortunately, there is a tendency to confuse homosexuality with ‘modern gay culture’. Modern gay culture is a modern invention, which would include all those activists who “beat us over the head in an attempt to brainwash us”, whereas homosexuality has been with us all along regardless that attitudes concerning it have varied from age to age..