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Action Alert, Earthquake, Haiti

Smoke & Mirrors – militarisation of an earthquake.

The report begins with a report from Ansel Hertz in Haiti . Then Pierre Labossiere of Haiti Action talks about the response and the media manipulation. Finally Kevin Pina on the loss of life due to lack of mobilization waiting for the Pentagon to take control of Haiti. And the greatest shame – Obama appoints Clinton and BUSH to lead “humanitarian aid”

Shame on you Mr Obama asking Bush & Clinton to oversee humanitarian aid. After three days have passed and no aid has arrive the people are angry and taking their anger to the streets. That is called Violence and looting – not hunger and fear. The next step to further militarize the earthquake.

Flashpoints – January 14, 2010 at 5:00pm

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A friend of mine wrote in an email

I am not alone in feeling that if this disaster in Haiti, which has already suffered so much for so long, serves any possible cosmic, spiritual or Divine purpose (“Everything happens for a reason, ” our elders have taught us well), then it must be to call the world’s attention to the humanity of the Haitian people and the scandalous conditions that they have endured as “punishment” ever since their courageous overthrow of slavery.

But is that what people are being awakened to? Comments like this one from the US secretary of Defense describing peoples search for food as “scavenging” and “looting” is unacceptable. The under current of the media reporting and in sections of the social media – Twitter and Facebook – portraying Haitians as victims and helpless. Right now Haitians are the only people out there helping other Haitians. Women and men are turning their homes into hospitals and shelters. Treating the wounded with whatever they have to hand and sharing their food and water whilst waiting for the humanitarian aid presently sitting at the airport.

A lot of people have been talking about Anderson Cooper’s reports for CNN. I cant bring myself to watch that channel but I managed about 5 minutes of AC’s report this afternoon. One begins to see the heaviness of language, the choice of words. Scavenging for searching – shoving for burying. But what stood out for me – was the joy on the faces when the American rescue workers were seen because you know the Haitians have been continuously let down by their governments. The Americans will be here soon. -Not a quote but thats what was said. He did however make the point that the real heroes are the Haitian people – well we know that from 200 years ago we know that.

Thanks to Ansel and Pierre for their reports.


  1. Why we have ignored Haiti all these years is the question that I wish for us to consider. Why has Haiti not been a recipient of development aid in the same measure that much of the rest of the Third World has been? Had the infrastructure in situ been more robust, would the distribution of humanitarian aid at this time of crisis not have been enabled? Would the loss of life and damage to property be as severe as it is?

    But again the recent political history of the country is such that it isn’t hard to imagine that the leadership that the Haitians have had to endure over the years could not be relied upon to achieve the sort of progress that the long suffering Haitian people deserve.

  2. I have Haiti in my prayers. It is not easy at all.

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    @Anengiyefa – You are asking all the right questions except regarding the leadership. In discussing the leadership one has to add the US to the equation for either supporting the horrendous Duvalier years, their first and second occupation and for disposing the Aristide government. `In short they have always had a one foot and one hand in Haiti dirtying the waters to their own advantage.