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The Crossing

For those fairly new to Black Looks, Annie Quarcoopome was a regular contributor to Black Looks in 2006/7 mostly writing on African literature and publishing her poems and prose. I have missed her writings so I am hoping that this post will be the first of many more to come over the next few months.

The Crossing
I write with my bare hands on the bland concrete
Colourful words that describe realities worlds away
I retrace steps imprinted for eternity on an ageless desert
Beautiful danger dancing dunes before my eyes
Let the sand wipe away my tears for
There at least I am represented though ephemeral
The unbroken desert knows my footfalls
Remembers my body that nourished its jackals remains
Haunted by this wandering spirit that comes to you to find
A better place pieds sales

I write with stiff fingers on the hard concrete floor
Friendly ground after the horror of no ground
I remember wild breast strokes and miles and miles of
Blue green deep
Deep river deep deeeeep Jonah-in-the-belly-of-the-monster deep
Adventurous seas carried you there
Forgiving seas carried me to your waiting arms
Waiting choppers to cut me down coastguards and border patrols ready to receive me prepare for me
A better place pieds mouillés

I right the wrongs of ancestors buried under concrete floors of underdevelopment by world standards
World class betrayal
I write the wickedly grey concrete and crave the red earth beautiful like copper and blood
I crave like a pregnant woman who will birth disappointment in this here
Better place? pieds noirs

I am here now in beautiful space
Space of debate pieds…
Identity swirls around us in psychedelic colours
My hybrid ancestors floating in musical tones of de-foreignised names on musical notes of national
Anthems and proven assimilation pieds…
With my dirty wet feet I trample your sweet earth
Our sweet earth I carry in my heart your streets paved with gold and
Asphalt and tar pieds…
Baby! I love this new place of equalized opportunity where all can rise if they will just
Grovel scrape proud knees on concrete floors of development and progress
Don’t ever take me from this place pieds…
This is my place
The Place
To Be …qui marchent vers la gloire


  1. Annie

    Thanks for publishing this Sokari. I’m a bit sad the formatting couldn’t come out quite right.

  2. Sokari

    Yes Annie I am sorry about that. I tried and tried but it wouldnt work. I am sure there is a way but I am yet to figure it out.