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Earthquake, Haiti

Dont feed the Haitians – they already get one meal a day

A month after the Haitian earthquake and still thousands are without water, food, medical care and shelter.  The white washing by the media around the distribution of humanitarian aid continues the latest was a visit by Brangelina Jolie with an insipid interview and some whitewashed photo shots in tented hospitals – No she has not quite decided whether she will be adopting from Haiti – not yet!   What is evident is the militarisation process – UN and US Army troops have consolidated the occupation.  Their very presence in full combat gear and weaponry is an assault on people who need help not intimidation.

This report from Minister JR from the San Francisco Bay View describes what is happening as “Starvation and Jim Crow Racism”

I don’t see where the millions of dollars that have been raised for Haiti is going. Everywhere people is starving. Me and my comrades gave some of the most desperate some money, but the thing is that it might help them today; what about tomorrow?

We been staying at a makeshift hospital run by some white so-called American missionaries. Today at the house I witnessed my first act of Jim Crow-type racism from so-called friends on this particular trip.

Haiti is like a time machine. It’s like 1920 here in terms of the apartheid type of relationships that the whites have with the Blacks. The white woman of “God” that runs the house says that Haitians can’t come in the house from their shantytown in the backyard after the hospital closes, but check this out: Multiple dogs have free reign all over the property……… One of the members of our delegation was told not to feed the Haitians in the tent city in the backyard because they already eat once a day……… The issue is, why do they think that they can determine who I share my food with? The house is full of white people who have free reign to eat as much as they want, and whenever they want..

He includes the complicity of some of  Black Americans who are out there.

On another note, most of the Black people from the U.S. out here that I have met are complicit in this Jim Crow racism. They act like they don’t see it because it is not affecting them. These dumb ass people don’t recognize that these same crackers were doing this to their grandparents 60 years ago. It’s like Malcolm taught us, when he talked about the house slave and the field slave.

We’ve all seen it.  I used to see it a lot in Spain.  The downward glance by the Black tourists when faced with my direct look or with the African migrants, the refusal to recognise and to acknowledge even at the most basic level what is happening around them.

But Haitians continue to support and work with each and community activist Rea Dol of  SOPUDEP reports.  They remember and honour two of the teachers  – Nadia Raymond and Sheila Louis, and all those who died in the earthquake.

We thank you for all your support to this point! Réa has been able to pay off her food credit and continues to expand SOPUDEP’s aid distribution program. To date she has spent $17,300. In a months time they have rationed out 320 sacks of rice, 348 sacks of peas, caseloads of spaghetti and cooking oil out to many many people. They have sent over 25 people out to stay with family in the countryside and have distributed 20 25’x 10′ tarps out to camps. Because Réa received money to by a pick-up truck from some generous donors in California, they  have broadened their reach to include the community of Carrefour. Being mobile will make their work all the more effective! They have done this on their own with very little supply contributions from the “big guys”!

There is pressure for the school to get up and running again. There are a number of problems standing in the way of this request. Among the biggest is the condition of their building and that not many people reside in that area anymore. With the help from individuals and groups over here, we are working as quickly as possible to get things moving for SOPUDEP again by utilizing their new property which resides in a populated area.

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  1. how sad, that even in the face of a disaster this huge, some pple cannot empathise

  2. Annie

    I saw Jolie’s interview with Amanpour. She said nothing of substance, nor was I expecting her to. As to why she was interviewed in the first place is beyond me. And yes, the shots of her were visibly neat and rubble-free: tented hospitals, no bleeding children, no ruins, just picture-perfect. One of the weird things she said was about the resilience of the Haitian people and the dignity and joy she has witnessed. She made it sound like everyone was smiling through the earthquake, immune to the pain because they’ve had such great hardships already. Very weird.

    There’s also a feature on the experiences of all the big name CNN reporters who are back from Haiti, talking about how difficult and tragic it was for them to witness what they did. I’m new to CNN…is this to be expected?

    I am yet to hear a Haitian voice. But there will be a feature with Wycleff Jean tonight so I’ll try to catch that…

    Haiti’s ongoing tragedy (I expect the news headlines to die down soon) is mingled with hope…

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    @Annie – we must have seen the same interview – cant stand Amanpour – why does she always have to shout and be so dramatic in her speech. Re: Jolie – Yes this thing about Haitians being resilient gets to me as well – like what do you expect them to do? People are survivors in fact I just heard on the BBC Wld Service that we are “programmed to survive” (a discussion on cells and why they eventually die) why should Haitians be any different, its so patronising and yea where is the joy in this – maybe the joy at seeing Jolie 🙁