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Kampala – Uganda – “Desperate. Distraught”

From Uganda, Gay Uganda reports on continuing police harassment and roundups of LGBT people – “knock on the door

Desperate. Distraught.
Now, the knock early morning on the door.

We say we shall run. But, what if we cannot run? We have family, jobs, businesses. We are normal human beings. Common Ugandans. What of when we cannot run?

On his way to Britain, the Pope crawls from under his papal robes hiding years of sexual and physical abuse by Catholic priests and nuns on thousands of children – to condemn the UK’s proposed Equality Law saying “it threatened religious freedom and ran contrary to “natural law>”.

Radio Netherlands presents a series of audio personal stories from Namibia, South Africa, Ghana and Uganda.

Lorenzo’s story
Lorenzo is a hairdresser in Cameroon. He met a man in a bar and they clicked and they decided to live together. That’s when the police got involved. Lorenzo spent seven months in prison without trial.

Ian’s story
Ian Swartz founded the Rainbow Project in Namibia at a time when its president began to hound gays and lesbians. The home affairs minister called for their elimination and became known as the minister for homophobic affairs. Ian talks about the abuse he experienced and why it increased his determination to create change.

Prince’s story
Prince Macdonald, in his own words, is gay, proud and African. He lives in the Ghanaian capital Accra and talks about how, despite homosexual acts being illegal in his country, he’s still determined to enjoy life as much as possible.

Steve’s story
Her real name is Mapaseka, but everyone calls her Steve. She was young when she came out to her family. It wasn’t easy, but they eventually accepted her. But when she was 15, She was raped by a family friend who believed she should be shown what it’s like to be a ‘real’ woman. Despite a constitution protecting gay and lesbians, she still feels unsafe.

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