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“Kill gay people” march through Kampala today

Rainbow Uganda activist Andrew Waiswa just published this report by followers of “Evil Pastor Ssempa” in Kampala – I think it is from this morning.   Video of march on Facebook

“As i write now, there is a big demonstrating taking place in the main of Jinja town. I followed them from Kampala to cover every detail. I have pictures and videos. It has been organized by Evil Pastor Ssempa, he has called on every thug …in town and gay haters. They calling all sorts of banners and signs, calling for the killing of GAY people.” It shows the devastating effect of the proposed legislation even before a decision has been made to scrap, pass or change it. Send your support to brave activists in Uganda and oppose the legislation in any way you can from where you are.

Rainbow Uganda is  civil Society Human rights  and campaigning group which networks with  parents of lesbian and gay children, rabbis, priests, therapists, writers, community organizers, family planning staff, sexuality educators, AIDS activists, anti-oppression educators and diversity trainers, college students and their advisors, and lesbian, gay, and bisexual activists.

Where ever you are – do what you can locally and internationally to STOP THIS campaign of HATE.  A hate that will not end in Uganda and not end with LGBTI people –

In neighbouring Kenya, a mob attacked a gay wedding party at the weekend.  Again the attacks on LGBTI people in Kenya is being driven by religious leaders – Muslims and Christians [Bishop Lawrence Chai of Free Apostolic Churches of Kenya (left) and Sheikh Ali Hussein of Masjid Answar Sunna Mosque] and I am convinced this is no coincidence that it is taking place alongside the Hate campaign in Uganda

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  1. How these people don’t die of shame – or at least of cognitive dissonance – is beyond me.

  2. At least in Kampala, they have bubbled their hate into the open just like in Gambia. However, in Nigeria, where all the sharia states have the same views, they are still hiding their shame, and until we find out exactly what is on the minds of the rest of Africa. This “Kill gay people” march is only the tip of the iceberg. Equality and justice for all is the only salvation and until we all learn that, life will be forever nasty, brutish, and short for those living in Africa.
    .-= Beauty´s last blog ..How many sewage treatment plants are there in Nigeria? =-.

  3. how can you call yourself Godfearing and call on your followers to kill????

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    Beauty@ You have a point about Nigeria’s hate being hidden for the time being – Reminds me of Nazi Germany and Rwanda – the world knew but sat back and just hoped until it was too late.

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    @Chika the hypocrisy is astounding – but then they are killing for God so its OK – apparently anything you do in God’s name makes it OK!

  6. I am chastising myself for being so shocked at this. Human beings never fail to display shortsightedness and closemindedness. All this supposedly for God, shebi?

  7. While this may be religiously-inspired, it is counter-scriptural. But in a world where people don’t want to read a newspaper critically (they’d rather tune to a radio or TV station that will tell them they’re already correct), can you imagine them reading something like a Bible or Torah or Koran, with its moral and behavioral demands, without just projecting self-justification onto it? It happens but it’s too rare.
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