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The trees no longer hide the wood as Nolly arrives in Holly

Nigerian actress Hilda Dokubo has been nominated for best actress in this year’s Oscars for her portrayal of Queen Amina of Zaria. Ms Dokubo [pictured below with her close friends and sistas, the mischievious peace activists Sokari Ekine and Emem Okon] is the first Nigerian to be nominated for the Oscars.


On Tuesday, thousands of Nigerian fans of Ms Dokubo gathered outside the US Embassy in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja demanding visas. Many of the people gathered in the hope of getting visas were from Ms Dokubo’s home town in Buguma in Kalabariland in the Niger Delta. They came prepared for a long wait and brought with them huge cooking pots full of okra soup made with periwinkles and fresh fish accompanied by pounded yam.

After being told that no Nigerians were ever to be allowed entry into the US, the crowd of pacificsts sat down and blocked the entrance refusing to leave until their demands were met. Fearing the men would strip naked [in the Niger Delta, seeing a naked man will invoke the curse of war for generations to come], soldiers from the Nigerian Army were deployed to disperse the crowd with laughing gas. In their haste the soldiers forgot to wear their gas masks and ended up joining in the uncontrollable laughter and merriment. The US Amabassador — a bearded white man, threatened to sweeten the crowd with jelly beans if they did not move. Half an hour later, members of MOPO arrived with truck loads of palm wine and suya which they threw at the crowd who drank and feasted into the early hours of the morning before falling into a collective drunken stupor.

Ms Dokubo was no where to be seen.


  1. Very funny. I couldn’t get over the okra soup and periwinkles (isem). And the truck loads of palm wine and suya too, lol
    .-= anengiyefa´s last blog ..One cold winter’s evening.. =-.

  2. Annie

    I love it! Very funny

  3. Comment by post author


    Thanks it was fun to write – must write more of these stories. It comes under a blog I started called Rumour Mongers for Peace 🙂