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A Deep River Song

Deep river my home is over Jordan
But on which bank pray tell?
Feet straddling slippery wet spaces
Stretched out so wide my loins burn with
The desire for home
Firmly planted on either side
Alien Nation

Like sickness spreads from my feet through my blood
Flowing up to my head
River so deep dangerous drowns my reflection
My home is over Jordan
Across the river past the wall barbed wire and extenuating circumstances
Right(eous) at the impasse left behind when they took some of my family away
Beyond the néant I navigated internally displaced borders and linguistic barriers resisted
Ah-ah, which Jordan now?
I went searching and at the banks a cool familiar breeze erased my confusion
Kneeling I looked in the clear waters my home was not over Jordan
It was here in the river that flowed between places of love and disorder



Me in the water
Faith coming on the water
Stories told about the water
Narcissa I embraced myself loving the exaggerated nose and the wild kinks
Absorbed by the particular
I am finding now
Just how deep the river really is

Annette Quarcoopome © March 2010


  1. Nii

    Thanks for sharing – Annette's “Minshinii” book is of note too, especially if one understands what “Minshinii” means 🙂

  2. Annette

    Hi Nii, I'm curious about your thoughts on Minshinii…the story or the actual thing.