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#Nigeria: Abuja – the world: Enough is Enough. Where is Yar’Adua?

At 11am TODAY young Nigerians will march to the National Assembly in Abuja to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and DEMAND:

1) President Yar’Adua should resume, resign or be removed
2) The promise of 6000megawatts must be fulfilled
3) The 5-month fuel crisis needs to end now.

Nigerians: March, Blog, Tweet, Talk, Print the leaflet and put in your home / car window – whatever you can, where ever you are!

For more information see: Enough is Enough Campaign

Women of Jos march on Abuja

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  1. ijebu girl

    I get really frustrated by these type of 'movements' because they show how politically immature we are as an electorate – what is the main issue of this campaign? The petrol, electricity, the president? There is no way a well thought through plan on electricity for a nation of 150 million can be presented in 2 weeks. The practicalities of fuel scarcity means that it takes weeks to address issues of volume but it should be noted that there is fuel in Nigeria and in petrol stations, petrol station owners just aren't ready to sell until they know what is happening with the fuel subsidy and as for the president, that would require an entire blog post. Events like this are not enlightening or empowering – rather they pander to the ego of a few who think that democracy is what happens when politicians serve the needs of the electorate rather than when the electorate works to ensure politicians are directed to their needs.

  2. Sokari

    Ijebu girl. I understand what you are saying. However `Nigerians are unfortunately not known for engaging in any sort of collective protest. I think there are signs of positive changes in the making as we witness different groups of citizens coming together to make their voices heard. Yes there is a political naivety in comparison to other countries but surely this is better than doing nothing as we have done in the past. Who knows what will grow out of these small beginnings. I see these demonstrations as the beginnings of the electorate demanding that politicians work towards meeting their needs. If people do nothing but sit and complain then we deride them. If they try however immaturely to take some sort of action then we still deride them.