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Anti-homosexuality Bill disagreeable

Nearly 9 months after Ugandan MP David Bahati tabled theprivate members Anti-Homosexuality Bill, it just might get shelved. The Bill is presently being discussed by the Parliamentary and Legal Committee which has criticised Bahati for not anticipating the international response and condemnation of the Bill.

The recommendations mean that the legislation may never be passed in its current shape, if at all, and that it may be long before it is discussed with seriousness.

Disagreeable proposal
“It is far from being a law,” a source on the committee said, requesting anonymity so as to preserve his credibility. “It is a [good] principle, but the approach of the mover has stigmatised his mission.”

This is similar to what happened in Nigeria with the 2005 Same Sex Marriage Bill which was shelved after two years of intense campaigning by human rights activists, resurfaced in 2009 as the Same Gender Marriage Bill and disappeared once again. Maybe just maybe this is the end of this horrendous Bill. The President is also distancing himself from the Bill fearing a loss of aid and the isolation of Uganda should it be passed. The US Christians have distanced themselves from the Bill and Martin Ssempa stands alone in his hatred though he can still do a great deal of damage by whipping up homophobia through his church and radio. The Bill may not get passed at least not in it’s present form but a vitriolic homophobia remains.

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