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Unlocking the stalemate on homophobia

With so much negativity and homophobic voices, we forget there are positive voices in the midst of all the hate talk. This one day workshop on LGBTI held in Kenya calls for the celebration of “human diversity” and addressing homosexuality in an affirmative manner.

Rebecca Masibayi PFLAG coordinator for RUWEPO said that women in Africa should know that they have an ethical and moral obligation to address the issues of homosexuality in an affirmative manner. The parents and especially the mothers should not join the masses in condemning LGBTI but instead show acceptance, tolerance, mercy, love and empathize with them. The parents should be eager to learn why the different sexual orientation?

“We have to embrace and celebrate human diversity and mothers have the key to unlocking the stalemate on homophobia”.

African women must confront their personal prejudices, myths, fears, and stereotypes regarding homosexuality. “Educating women on human sexuality is educating the whole nation and as mothers let us take it our burden to educate the society what homosexuality really is and what it isn’t”.Continue reading

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  1. solomonsydelle

    Hmm, I think that is definitely a smart approach – getting mothers to simply be mothers to all of their children regardless of orientation. It is clear that mothers tend to be fierce defenders of their children, so emphasizing that aspect of mommyhood would go a long way in advancing the rights of LGBTI communities across the continent. This is a very African solution.

  2. Sokari

    @SS This is such a positive step forward as usually women's groups have not been prepared to stand against homophobia and in fact contribute to it. And yes it is an “African solution” which makes it even more powerful. There is a long way to go but this is a fantastic start.