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My Son & Malcolm – a good day to be born

Today is Malcolm X’s birthday. It’s an easy day for me to remember as it’s also my son’s birthday and since this year I am far away it’s also a little sad. But I give thanks and praises for the wonderful son he is and in knowing, in his consciousness, he walks in the footsteps of Malcolm

The Insurgent

Give me my freedom
lest I die
for pride runs through my veins
not blood
and principles
support me so that
with lifted head see
Liberty . . . . not sky!
For I am he who
dares to say
I shall be Free, or dead –
today. . .

in: “For Malcolm”, p.4, in “Part I. The Life” From For Malcolm

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  1. How remarkable that your son shares the bday of Malcolm X. Happy birthday to them both!
    Beautiful poem as well.