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The man died – R.I.P Yar’Adua

It almost feels like an anti-climax.  The disappeared President finally disappears for real.  I feel like I am writing this out of “duty” rather than any real sense of sadness, loss but we are not supposed to speak ill of the dead unless they were seriously wicked.      So RIP Umaru Yar”Adua.

But it isnt over yet.   There are still questions to be answered though knowing Nigeria’s propensity for keeping things secret,  it is doubtful we will ever know.  I can already hear the cries of the man is dead lets move on.   But if we never know the truth then how can we prevent it from happening again?  The question I want answered is who is responsible for Yar’Adua’s disappearance and for keeping him on ice [metaphorically speaking] all these months.  How has this happened.  We are a democracy with a constitution and legal processes exist.   Everyone in power just sat around for most of the time and did nothing.  Finally Jonathan was sworn in as Acting President but even then we were not told the truth about the President who for purposes of governance was dead anyway.

From beginning to end Yar’Adua’s presidency has been a farce. I dont doubt that he was a decent man and tried his best but was he ever in control?  Now  Jonathan is President – this is his chance to ensure that all the Amnesty promises made to the people of the Niger Delta are  begun in earnest and structures for monitoring corruption of everyone involved, are put in place.

Goodluck Jonathan – you have 9 months to join Adaka Issac Boro and Ken Saro Wiwa  and make Nigerian history,  dont let it go to waste.

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  1. solomonsydelle

    May he RIP. I want to believe he was a decent person. Unfortunately, we will never truly know because we never got to know much about him save for the nicknames. However, I wish his family my condolences and hope that his death will be a transformative moment for good in Nigeria. At least now, there is no question who the President is, that is one good thing that comes out of this sad incident.

  2. Sokari

    Yar'Adua's presidency will not be remembered in any positive way particularly the last 6 months. I doubt he was ever in control but definitely since his return so one cannot hold him responsible – that goes to the National Assembly and Governors for now acting in the interest of Nigeria. This is the real blemish on the country and once again we see that with the case of Senator Yerima and the failure of the NA to take action. On a positive note , we have a President who is not part of the “cabal” and one who is from the ND. GJonathan has a chance to really make a difference, I hope he does and starts by very carefully choosing his own VP.

  3. Vigilant

    Bishop Sunday N. Onuoha, Founder and President of Vision Africa, has issued a statement on the passing of President Yar'Adua: