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Uganda promises not to support Anti-Homosexuality Bill

The Ugandan government has promised Germany it will not support any  further expansion  of homosexuality laws including the Bahati led Anti-Homosexuality Bill.   The pledge was made in exchange for E120 million in aid from Germany.   This is the best news yet and now it seems very unlikely that the Bill will  suceed at least not under the present administration and if  President Museveni is re-elected

Uganda has reassured Germany it does not support a bid by one parliamentarian to outlaw homosexual acts, in order to win an extension of existing aid payments, German officials said Friday. The German development aid ministry said in Berlin it had cleared pledges totalling 120 million euros (148 million dollars) to Uganda over the next three years. That aid would be conditional on Uganda not passing any legislation imposing new penalties on homosexual acts.

 Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa sent a written assurance to Hans-Juergen Beerfeltz, state secretary at the German Aid Ministry, saying that the government in Kampala does not support Bahati’s legislation.