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“Gay Uganda”: Blackmail & Extortion

Blogger Gay Uganda publishes this email received by someone presumed to be gay. The blackmailer has his/her email address and detailed knowledge about the person. A truly frightening experience. The name of the extortionist and his email address are published – however GU has protected the victim’s identity and changed all the details. He explains why he publishes the email:

This kind of vileness thrives best in darkness. It is the fear of exposure which they hold over our heads. So? Let me see how well they thrive in the glare of light. Have a feeling that is not something that they would like….!

And, of course I will remember Peter Karamaga, the National Anti-Homosexual Taskforce, and

The Email

Dear Mr. Semakula Zilaba,

You will understandably be surprised both about the content of this e-mail and by the its having finally arrived into your inbox. I will not go into any niceties because I dont have time for anything like that and I think people like you do not deserve them.
You will get to know who we work for ,what I do and what we want from you during the course of this e-mail. You are well aware of the recent developments in Uganda regarding the issue of homosexuality, Gays, lesbians and anything that people like you would like to call yourselves. I am part of an organisation that has been formed to not only respond to the threat posed by people of whom you are a part but also to see to it that people like you are dealt with a way that prevents your numbers from multiplying to stain this beautiful country.

We recently got your contacts from some of our people working from the inside of the organisations that you homosexuals have set up and we have decided that we will make you and offer . We would like to let you know that …..we know you very well, and we know a lot about you! So do not try to play any silly tricks as we are very serious with this assignment and any time wasting and attempts to be smart by you will be severely punished.

What do we know about you?
You are about 34 years old, studied in King’s college then Namilyango college. You have a woman with whom you have a child. This woman is called Namubiru Siyada working with State House.

Your father is a one Mr Serugoti Michael who used to work with Bakharesa Company limited in Kampala but he disappeared off our radar . We shall find him though.

You work for an organisation within Makerere University called the Computer Institute and you also do part time work as at Synoviate at Nakasero. Most friday evenings you are seen heading to that place at around 9 pm.

We could tell you more about where you live and what your lifestyle is like but we trust that you dont doubt we know all that too and so for now we shall go straight to why we have written this letter to you.

We have been tasked with the job of stopping the spread of homosexuality and identifying and dealing with all stubborn homosexuals and sexual deviants in Uganda.

We work with many organisations to identify people like you and have contacts even within organisations like yours (SMUG) that inform us of your acitivities.

We have zeroed in on you as one of those hard core homosexuals (your family status not withstanding) that we could use as an example to the rest and this is our offer to you

1)You should provide us with a list of all the homosexuals you know who are within kampala and Jinja districts whom you have come into contact with. We are aware you have not been very actively involved in sex with fellow men over the past three years but we know you are aware of those who engage in these acts

2)You should also write a letter denouncing homosexulaity just as one of your colleagues (George Oundo) recently did, this we shall use as evidence that we are making headway in our fight against homosexuality in this country.

By the way you should be aware that people like George Oundo who have renounced that practice are some of those with whom we are working to tackle this cancer and we are making great progress.

Some of your friends as you might or might not know are already in our custody and what will determine whether they will ever be seen again will be there “cooperation ” with our boys.

You are still out there because we are aware of some of the loose but significant connections you have to General Kale Kayihura and to some army elements too.

However you should know that in due time, these will not stop us from achieving our aims too.

For now that is all we require of you.
Failure to cooperate with us……

1)We shall expose you first to your employers then to your family and all your friends too.

2)we shall make sure (your employer) ,knows about your horrible habits and you know what has happened to fellow homosexuals who were working at your place of work. You are aware of the case of Mr. Lutakoome ….do you know why he was sacked from Makerere and now he cannot get any job as within Kampala? It is because he refused to cooperate with us.

We shall give you the same treatment if you too dont cooperate fully with us.

3)You will be exposed to all those in your neighbourhood and whereever else you attempt to move too we shall do the same again.

You already know that most of your neighbours are suspicious of you anyway since they hardly ever see you with a woman and yet your are a well off man!

That is just the tip of the iceberg for what we plan for you in case you dont cooperate.

We have your celphone contcat and we shall get in touch with you soon

So think about our offer to you and get back to us within 1 month.

Peter .

National Anti- Homosexual Taskforce.

Kampala branch.


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  1. horrifying. however, after reading all of the comments by the posters, i was relieved by their dismissive tones.

    scare tactics.

    i do not profess to understand homosexuality and/or the biological nature of being gay. (if i can say that) i wont do that “some of my very good friends are gay” crap either. that's stupid, demeaning, and oppressive. however, this letter spoke deeply to me as a woman who is black. whether i am straight or gay, i am in “double jeopardy” and there is an assault on us – an attempt to murder our image in order to control us. much in the same vain as this very hate-filled letter, there are committees that spend money, time, and resources to come up with ways to remove their unfounded “fears” or worse, their realization that they too may be the very thing they are trying to suppress and make go away: they are gay themselves. why would he want all of the names of everyone engaging in sexual activity? like one commenter said (paraphrasing), it seems an awful lot considering there was little or no provocation. i can imagine what my gay/lesbian/transgender brothas and sistas go through here in los angeles – especially with the many nightclubs, parades, and drag shows. i think because of the history of homosexuality being such an abomination in african and other countries, the fact that the gay communities are coming out and being open and recognized is becoming too much for those who just hate what they don't understand or programmed to hate.

    POCs & lgbt community are hated by merely existing.

    i applaud gay uganda for being bold to post and live in his moment – which is simply being.

  2. Sokari

    @Jaymeson Many thanks for both your comments. This is exactly what happens when you make legislation around who people are – you open the door for witch hunts and blackmail. Fortunately I dont think the anti-homosexuality law will be passed at this time but the situation remains precarious for LGBTI people in Uganda.

  3. Democracy and freedom of thought , open mindedness , in Uganda seem not yet a reality; still some ghosts to eradicate.Michel