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Poor people’s world cup kicks off

Abahlali  baseMjondolo and the Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign have been at the forefront of  South Africa and FIFA’s World Cup displacement and exclusion of shackdwellers, low income people and street traders from the tournament. The affected communities have therefore created their own World Cup which is accessible to everyone….

This Poor People’s World Cup is organized, because we feel that we are excluded from the FIFA World Cup 2010. We see that the government has put enormous amounts of money in Greenpoint Stadium and in upgrading Althone stadium, but we as poor communities don’t benefit from all of these investments. The soccer matches will be played in town, but we don’t have tickets or transport to go there. Besides this, the FIFA World Cup has negatively impacted our communities as we are not allowed to trade near stadiums, fan parks and other tourist areas any more. The poor are not only evicted from their trading spaces for the World Cup, we are also evicted from our homes and relocated to the TRA’s, such as Blikkiesdorp, far away from the centre and from job opportunities and from the eyes of the tourists..

We as the Anti-Eviction Campaign and affected communities therefore decided to create our own World Cup: A World Cup that is accessible for everyone!! We therefore invited all the evicted traders to sell their products at the tournament and we invited the people who were evicted from their homes to make space for the FIFA World Cup. Not only the affected communities are invited, our PPWC is open to everyone, as we don’t exclude people from participation!

Escaping from the shite that is shitting on the world

The tournament will be held over the next 4 Sundays – see WCAEC website for further details

A reminder that whilst there has been silence from the Women’s Movement, academics, the Landrights movement, Abahlali Youth League have been the only ones to come out in support of the Malawian couple and LGBTI rights in general – this is important and needs to be acknowledged and celebrated.

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