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“World Cup” by Nomadic Wax, DJ Magee & DJ Nio

World Cup is a global hip-hop collaboration featuring rappers from Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, the US and Europe. Thumbs down to the drink Coca-Cola, Wave Flags and you will be happy crowd!

<a href="">World Cup by Nomadic Wax</a>

“World Cup” is the first of it’s kind and explores the complexities and controversies of this historic event: the first ever World Cup to be held in Africa. According to The Economist, “South Africans themselves are grumbling about the eye-wateringly large amounts of money that FIFA…is poised to make, even though South Africa is bearing most of the cost.” Legendary South African emcee Emile YX (Black Noise Crew) used the ‘World Cup’ track as an opportunity to respond to what is currently happening in his hometown of Cape Town, rapping “We’ll foot the bill just so they can foot the ball.” Emile and 15 other artists from a range of nations, including Italy, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, and Trinidad-Tobago, among others, rap their verses in French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Arabic and explore many of the controversies, benefits, and pitfalls of the historic 2010 World Cup in South Africa.