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Beheaded Ugandan NOT an LGBT Activist

Yesterday the US Gay media site, Box Turtle published a report claiming an Ugandan gay activist had been beheaded. Sexual Minorities Uganda [SMUG] has issued a statement nullifying and distancing itself from this distorted report.

This is yet another example of the irresponsibility and misinterpretation of facts and context by the gay international media which has the potential to directly harm the LGBTI struggle in Uganda and put activists in the country at even further risk. It will be interesting to see how many of the sites that have published this story bother to publish SMUG’s press statement refuting their reports.


This statement is in reference to the disturbing news reports that the Ugandan man who was found beheaded identified as Pasikali Kashusbe was a gay-rights activist working as a volunteer with Integrity Uganda.

SMUG nullifies these reports and we are not aware of any LGBTI activist who has been beheaded. However, details of the mutilated body are yet to be revealed by the Ugandan Police.

Speaking to the Chair of Integrity Uganda, Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, “I have never worked with anyone who goes by the name Pasikali in my organization. I also did not make any comments as quoted in earlier statements made by Rev. Erich Kasirye, Rev. Erich Kasirye no longer has any legitimate connection to Integrity Uganda and the e-mail address is no longer available as a link to the leadership of Integrity Uganda”.

SMUG stands in solidarity with Bishop Ssenyonjo, who has worked and supported SMUG and the entire Ugandan LGBTI community for a long period of time.

Integrity Uganda which is a member organization of Sexual Minorities Uganda is a faith-based LGBT organization which gives counseling and guidance to LGBT people.

SMUG disassociates the Ugandan LGBT community from these reports, until we have substantial information.
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Bishop Ssenyoonjo
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