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Saturday, 03 July 2010 15:06

Title: Not Another Day
Author: Julius Chingono
Reviewer: Phillip Chidavaenzi
2006: (pp: 124) 206 x 136 mm
ISBN 13: 9781779220486
ISBN 10: 1779220480

When I first heard of Julius Chingono, I didn’t think much about him and what he did, as I’d never come across his literary works. So, what was the big deal? If he was worth a second look, I reasoned, then I would have heard of him before.
After reading Writing Still: New Stories from Zimbabwe (Weaver Press, 2003) soon after its publication, Chingono‚Äôs story, “Maria’s Interview”, was not one of those I revisited for a second read. It was just one of those stories.

Then I bumped into some of his poetry published on the Poetry International website, Although I was amazed to realise that he was that good, maybe the fact that he had only published one novel, Chipo Changu (1978) and the award-winning play, Ruvimbo (1980), made me overlook his fine artistic touch.
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