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Racist World Cup Ad by German car rental SIXT: No Waving Flags

The above advert was sent to me by a friend from Germany which she explains as follows

It is playing various eurocentric, afro-pessimism clichés in relation to the coming Ghana/Germany soccer play.

Showing a white Mercedes Benz in confrontation with an old, rusty truck, overloaded with black people and cargo, this advert is visually playing with typical anti-immigration images such as  “the boat is full” and it repeats the stereotype  of a chaotic, poverty ridden continent. This is reinforced by it’s slogan (literally translated): “The SIXT World Cup Tip: Ghana — it could become narrow. 50% solace-reduction for Ghanaians if Germany wins”

The Afro-German media watch group “der braune mob” calls on all to comment in their blog so please do not forget to also share your comments with them so they have full documentation and to pass this message on.

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  1. Toto

    what is racist about the ad?I am sure the Benz comes in black too.

  2. Sokari

    I am sure it does but that does not change the racism in of this ad

  3. D_osoro

    I jus looked at it and brushed it off… Africans dont rent benzes… they own fleets wen they own em

  4. Sokari

    How ignorant that all you see is a Benz

  5. Useless!


  6. Camay stevens Igwegbe

    Its look pretty offensive,but my uniform experience has taught me that Germans are the least racist people in Europe,if not in the World.Atleast they would tell you how they feel and why,but others would pretend to love and accept you,but behind you its a different story.


  7. Markie

    Sixt is Bavarian (neither typically German, but that nazi-prone and slightly separatist state down in the southeast) but this doesn't change things much, anyway.

    I have to agree, Sixt from Munich have fucked up things pretty bad again. This is what you get from that totally unprofessional bunch of idiots in the Munich media and advertising scene, and it also seems to appeal to people's taste in Bavaria which is a very bad thing…

  8. Then maybe what you need is a definition of racism.

  9. Bull

    do people in africa not drive vehicles like that…? it is only the truth.

  10. Bull

    seriously…? you allege racism then come back with a racist comment like that…? How high of an opinion of yourself and other Africans to think that YOU all are “the future” of this great planet of ours.

  11. Sokari

    @Bull Enough of your racist comments!

  12. This is atrocious. And equally atrocious are commenters who do not see this as racist, or those who blame the targets of racism instead of the perpetrators.