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Iduma’s “The Various Life Checklist”

“The Various Life Checklist” is the 7th in Emmanuel Iduma’s  “Facebook Musings” series.  Emmanuel is the co-editor of  the Nigerian literary magazine “Saraba” [issues 1-5 can be downloaded here].  

1. Define the status quo
2. Challenge the norms
3. Reinvent the norms
4. Destroy such reinvention
5. Allow for more reinventions
6. Open up the dialogue
7. Leave blank spaces
8. Do not be ambitious
9. Be honest with yourself
10. Despise the existing franchise
11. The market is not your house
12. Your heart is your home
13. Converse with/within yourself
14. Frustration is impossible
15. Do not think about motivation
16. Everyday is The Gift
17. Find a war
18. Do not stop fighting
19. Failure is non-existent
20. You do not know what success is
21. There are less enemies and less friends
22. Remember the works
23. You are the man
© Emmanuel Iduma 2010
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