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Guest Blogger, Poetry


Lashes of uncontrollable
Saliva flies everywhere,
Bloodshot eyes brimming
A fire all their own. You
Harden as anger assails:
‘I’ve watched you all day,’
You offer in a throwaway
‘You said alot I do not agree with. Stop there!’
Leaving me fighting for
Dear composure, steady!
‘Opinions are right/wrong
They subjective pitches
Strewn into each other’.
‘What do you know about
Anything athletic genius?’
‘Nothing, i watch without
Colleric attachment. I do
Not watch olympiads to go to war when I disagree with an opinion’.
‘I do otherwise why, why,
Why support a cause?
‘So you would happily go
To war for a supremacist
Opinion? Yours, only urs?’
‘Any time. Anything else
Is wrong, wrong, wrong!’
‘Not at all we are all Unique; agree or Disagree. Perhaps you
Need to start listening?
Perhaps I shall leave?’
‘God, you are so augumentative, you!’
‘No I’m not. I just have a
Different opinion, mine!’

Mia Nikasimo © June ’09