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“Gay” rights around the world –

A short film on LGBTI rights [I wish the media would stop conflating LGBTI / Queer rights/ people into “Gay” a single one gay identity]

Post on Somaliland president removed as it turns out its not true.


  1. issuemess

    This false information keeps coming up now. I've seen it as an “original” news in two places, and both of them are not to be trusted. And there is atleast one unlucky blog discussion over the matter already. For those who know Somaliland, it's easy to judge this information, as for those who think that Somaliland is somewhere far away from us and sounds exotic, it gives pleasant satisfaction about the global development. Somaliland is a muslim country, and it's extremely forbidden to act homosexually in Somaliland.It goes so deep in cultural and religious tradition, that people are really getting hurt when they even hear something about same sex relationships. There is a lot to be done concerning minority rights in Somaliland, and international cowork is needed in every sector in society. The President of Somaliland, Mr. Silaanyo, cannot be the icon of African Gay Liberation, because it's not his life in any ways. I suggest that you go through your sources and rewrite your article. I also wish all the best for your work on gay issues, human right apply everybody.

  2. Sokari

    Hi thanks – I did say I didnt believe it – now its sounding more and more like a spoof. So maybe we can turn it around and imagine if the WERE TO BE TRUE – maybe a way of forcing a discussion on the issue in Somaliland and elsewhere on the continent.

  3. Anengiyefa1

    It comes down to the fact that there is the tendency for Westerners to apply the “gay” identity universally, on the false assumption that every non-heterosexual person, everywhere, is gay in the same sense as it is to be gay in the West.

    Even if the man is gay, which of course is greatly in doubt, the same author “Eriksson” on published a previous story about Mr Silaanyo referring to him as a War Criminal, a brutal warlord guilty of extensive human rights abuses. Also, Mr Silanyo's sexual orientation even if he is gay, cannot be the platform on which he won the said election and accordingly, I do not anticipate that LGBTI rights will feature at all in his agenda as president of one of the world's most turbulent and unstable countries. In short, there is far too much for him to contend with as president and LGBTI rights will continue to remain the non-issue in Somaliland that it has always been..

  4. Sokari

    Thanks for pointing this out about Mr Silaanyo – he sounds like a mischievous fellow. Lets hope this does not move around cyberland at breaking speak!

  5. Fahmedd A

    It gets under my pin when somebody who is a journalist don't respect his courier by telling this fabricated story to the people and as am from Somaliland I would like to state that these sources are false and not reliable – Somaliland is a majority Muslim country that prohibts same sex marriage and homosexuality therefore as Allvoices siste has taken off this story from its site so the other blog should because for their reputation and concerning of their readers.

    Mr issuesmess : I thank you for your comment back there in Allvoices

  6. Sokari

    Fahmedd@ I take your point about sources and the post has been removed as the information is not reliable. Inshallah I hope one day Somaliland will have the courage to do the right thing and recognise the rights of LGBTI people and all peoples human rights.