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A REVOLUTION OF THE MIND: PIGMENT – a poem by Donald Molosi

speak to her in yoruba, twi, swahili, sesarwa, setswana or shona.
she may not comprehend some,
but in all she will delight in a rhythm natural to her ear,
a movement instinctive to her tongue
and hopefully a reassurance that she has a home on the other side of the sea –
my sister is the soul in Africa’s golden daughters.
she has glistening brown eyes like one who has stared at the earth for too long, her nose is
fantastically flat, her lips are fabulously full and every hair strand in her dreadlocks is twisted
and locked just the way it ought, her smile flashes bright and wide because home lives in her.
sister’s skin shines dark black, her hands heal her battered body with a touch and her weeping
song echoes a revolution in the valley of my soul.
today, i won’t let her cast her head down just because of skin for Heaven fell in love with her
dark black before she knew dark black. brown skin or dark skin, it is of God and not of shame or
isolation. in time, these foreign soils she trots will speak her name. and today sister’s going to
shine that black and lift her chin, like a tarnished angel that just flicked the dust off her wing.

Donald Molosi is a writer, poet and classically trained as an actor at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). He is from Botswana and is a graduate of Williams College in the US. He has just spent 18 months studying Forum Theatre in Senegal, Uganda, France and England, and is currently working in New York City.


  1. Wendile

    your poem makes me proud to be an African sister. great work Donaldie

  2. Sokari

    Beautiful poem Donald – it sends chills down my arms and YES makes me feel very proud.

  3. Goroma Maipelo Mazonde

    TSALISTO YAME YA MAMPELA! Hei BFF yame batho. Love you always and forever and too proud of you! Continue the great work tsala yame!