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Cyber HyperReality – The Genesis of a Struggle.

It started with four students sitting at a diner in Greensboro, North Carolina in February 50 years ago. The four refused to move and by the end of the month,   the protest was 70,000 plus strong and had spread across the whole Southern US –

By the following Monday, sit-ins had spread to Winston-Salem, twenty-five miles away, and Durham, fifty miles away. The day after that, students at Fayetteville State Teachers College and at Johnson C. Smith College, in Charlotte, joined in, followed on Wednesday by students at St. Augustine’s College and Shaw University, in Raleigh. On Thursday and Friday, the protest crossed state lines, surfacing in Hampton and Portsmouth, Virginia, in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and in Chattanooga, Tennessee. By the end of the month, there were sit-ins throughout the South, as far west as Texas. “I asked every student I met what the first day of the sitdowns had been like on his campus,” the political theorist Michael Walzer wrote in Dissent. “The answer was always the same: ‘It was like a fever. Everyone wanted to go.’

This was well before social networks, email, mobile phones – just the wind of change carrying the voices of protest from town to town.   Malcolm Gladwell on some truths about the social media hype – the revolution may be tweeted but it will not live on Twitter alone.    Nigerian political candidates, pro-democracy movements, campaigners – take note please the country has 150 million plus  people – OK its not just about numbers but please………. try mobilizing 27,000 people now that is something to talk about! See Aba Womens War