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Goodluck anthems – yikes

Nigerian Curiosity has posted a selection of Goodluck Jonathan’s election videos – Election videos are always crass, sentimental white washed [in this case green washed] bathroom singalongs and Jonathan should be commended for managing to keep to the genre. Its a bit difficult to take the notion of transparency seriously when confronted with some guy in the darkest shades you could imagine! Anyway my favorite version is the Hausa one, it just sounds better. The worst is the Igbo, somehow this is just not convincing.

Via Nigerian Curiosity – Best political blog on Nigeria


  1. Felix

    I remember so many of these ‘singalongs’ with a lot mixed feelings. “Akpa gari di n’Aba” was Zik’s song to ridicule his political opponents.”Onoh o no ala” was popularised by Jim Nwobodo against CC Onoh.The whole effort is to divert attention from the main issues and play on the masses’ intelligence.Rather disgusting..

  2. Sokari

    Felix – Disgusting is a good word in the case of these videos – alternatively we could use rubbish!

  3. Anonymous

    Ah, Felix said it best, “The whole effort is to divert attention from the main issues and play on the masses’ intelligence.”

    I’m still waiting for concrete ideas and how each contender plans to achieve their goals. Oh, and by when.

    Thanks for the shoutout, but considering that you won Best Nigerian Political blog for 2010, the honor belongs to you, sis =)

    And, thanks for making me laugh with the “green washed” reference. ha.

  4. Chijaja2000

    like goodluck jonathan.

  5. Peter

    Goodluck is a legitimate one and we de igbos support him in his ellection & we thank him for what he did to make enugu state international airport.