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Saving Nigeria from Save Nigeria

THIS POST IS NOW OUT OF DATE as more intrigues are appearing as I write.

Nigeria’s election campaign is off to a great start. Political intrigue, a plethora of candidates – old faces which need to disappear have revived themselves and new ones provide plenty of opportunities for gossip – campaign and pro-democracy groups vying for constituencies and publicity, and the battle sites of Twitter and Facebook, all add to the excitement looming over the next 6 months. Discussions around postponing the elections may possibly put a temporary damper on election fever but I doubt it. Seriously I cannot understand why this particular discussion did not take place before the election announcement.

Yesterday morning I woke up to an email from the Save Nigeria Facebook group informing me that it had now become “Dele Momodu for Nigeria”. What I thought was the ‘pro-democracy group ‘Save Nigeria’ had now morphed into a campaign site for a marginal candidate who judging from his campaign videos needs to sign off as from now. About an hour later I received a call from Nigerian Curiosity gisting me about a potential Twitter altercation between GoodLuck Jonathan [GLJ] supporter and Team Ribadu [TR]. Fortunately or maybe not as it would have added to the looming farce – TR was absent from Twitter. I mentioned the Save Nigeria Momodu morphing to NC and to cut a long story short, we discovered that Save Nigeria was not THE SAVE NIGERIA which was actually Save Nigeria Group. That is, the original SAVE SAVE Nigeria. This was nicely explained to us by the blog/website My Ondo State in a post very aptly titled “‘Politics as Save Nigeria ‘abracadabra’ into Dele Momodu for Nigeria.

For months several Nigerians joined the group Save Nigeria on facebook in the hope that they were part of a broadbase attempt being spearheaded by Prof. Wole Soyinka and Pastor Tunde Bakare to reposition the country and save it from the marauding bands of looters led by the People’s Democratic Party and ably supported by other lesser political parties.

Suddenly as politics draws closer, the group changed its name without warning to Dele Momodu for Nigeria. Following complaints, the handlers of the group now revealed to Nigerians that the group they have grown very fond of is not the genuine article afterall. Point blank, it was revealed that Save Nigeria (as it was then known) is different from Save Nigeria group.

The terse statement from group is reproduced below.

“This group, earlier known as Save Nigeria was never the official Facebook page of the Save Nigeria Group. The similarity in name was PURE COINCIDENCE though the ideals of this Facebook group are supportive of that of the Save Nigeria Group (SNG). The Facebook group – Save Nigeria was created long before the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) came into existence. Apologies for any misunderstanding.

Please note that we are one big family fighting for the same cause though sometimes, from different ideological standpoints and perspectives.

By this time I had removed myself from the fake Save Nigeria and passed on the message to Twitter. Checking Facebook again I find that there are now three Momodu campaign groups and three groups with the words Save Nigeria – Group [the original Save Save Nigeria] Save Nigeria Campaign and Save Nigeria [whether this is the fake one or second fake on remains to be seen].

To add to the confusion of Nigeria’s rapidly expanding political party’s’, democracy groups, and political candidates are the number of Facebook pages and Twitter handles such as this one called “President GEJ” which has 22,000+ followers and is supposedly following 23,000+ but only has 113 Tweets after a year of Tweeting. There is also TeamGoodluck and GJCampaign2011 and I cannot count the number of Facebook pages as these multiply exponentially every 24 hours. Oh yes then there is LAGBOOK Nigeria’s own Facebook – is this legal?

Candidates [and EGOS] are also multiplying just as fast as with Momodu and yesterday’s announcement by Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka is Chair of the newly formed Democratic Front for a Peoples Federation (DFPF]. Meanwhile Team Ribadu is presently taking up the flank as they now hold 4th or is it 5th place in the race to get online.

Today’s Nigeria story ends with the farcical IBB [Ibrahim Babangida] interview. I have no imagination to imagine this man as President of Nigeria – this video surely seals his fate to be cast out into the political wilderness forever .


  1. Anonymous

    “I have no imagination to imagine this man as President of Nigeria “

    That is a classic. You must be remembered for this one.

    The whole Save Nigeria (SN) vs. Save Nigeria Group (SNG) situation stinks. SN claims that they had that FB page pre SNG. I will leave that to someone else to verify. Now, even if one could take them at their word, there remains the fact that when admins saw their numbers start to spark post-SNG fame, they should have send out a message & put a status message informing all members of their thanks for joining the group and explaining that while their group also seeks to advance the country they are not SNG. How hard would that have been?

    A question of integrity….

    And as for IBB, well, I continue to watch Nigerian politics with interest. You know, I love the thing…

  2. Sokari

    Nigeria and it’s politics is a comedy of tragedies – but wow what fun!

  3. Sokari

    What I didnt say in this post and what is very worrying is that all these duplicate sites facilitate deception. We dont know which handles are official and which are not. The same goes for the FB groups / pages

  4. rmajayi

    Great post title!

    I’ve been monitoring TeamGEJ’s facebook and twitter accounts for a while now and I get the feeling these tactics are a ploy to send us all to the loony house. The sad thing is that the official campaign voices don’t stand out because they haven’t got anything worthwhile to say. I don’t even understand why these politicians are using the internet and social media if they refuse to engage in two-way conversations.

    You left out the ‘official’ @JGoodluckTweets and the now abandoned @PresJonathan both linked to separate ‘official’ facebook pages, set up by TeamGEJ. And official GEJ website, aka, which TeamGEJ thought wise and fair to connect to

    This new handle, @PresidentGEJ, also appears to have amassed a huge following only to rebrand in honour of GEJ. A post on LagBook’s, Toyin Dawodu’s blog states that the handle was a gift to the Fed Govt.

    I don’t believe that GEJ is linked to the Lagbook project. Unfortunately, his team have no understanding of what their job requires.

  5. Sokari

    rmajayi@ Thanks for the clarification on the LAGBOOK. It seems that the right hand [candidates aka opportunistic money grabbers] do not know what the left hand [Campaign teams aka sycophants] are doing. Thanks for these additional Twitter handles etc – its worse than I had thought. I mean how many sites, handles, pages will these people give birth to – its becoming viral. Thanks for the link to TD blog post – shameless.

  6. I can’t help but marvel at how fast every politictian and his grandpa have jumped onto social media. First, it is a commendable thing, that our elders have recognized that the youth-driven digital world is a force to be reckoned with. However, I’m sad because they are obviously advised by advert agency types who think that social media is another one-way branding or “top of mind” medium – like the television or billboards.

    One clear mark of this, is the mindset that believes that renaming “Save Nigeria” to a polititian’s name could possibly be a good thing in any right-thinking social space. They will never get Social media – it is not like oil blocs.

    Most will abandon social media, in the coming months, when they experience the resounding failure that comes from such untrained enthusiasm. I hope then, that leaders will emerge who will use social media to ADD VALUE to our lives first, as it’s meant for, before they can reap the benefits of popularity.

  7. Sokari

    Nigerian News Fanatic @ “Its not like oil blocs” I love that! yes I guess for many its like a new toy which gets abandoned