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Telling OTHER people’s stories

Ok this is my call out moment – Another article on ‘corrective rape’ in South Africa. Another single story. Another story that tells me I am part of a tribe whilst you are part of a nation and worse we fight amongst ourselves something your nations of course dont do and in doing so we have lost our humanity, something other people and nations dont do even though they are responsible for the rape and death of hundreds of thousands every year. Can we please have stories that tell at least 3/4 of the story if not the whole one. Can we have these stories told with some context – context of how people engage in resistance: community organising and advocacy, activism through art, through sport, through working in communities and engaging with human rights institutions and movement building. The women in the films and stories are not just faces scarred with violence they are survivors creators of their own agency their own cultures and sub cultures. Can we please tell that story as well. Lesbians and GTBI people wherever we are face daily struggles and yes there are some countries which are far more hostile than others but I am sick of hearing only half of my story being told here in the west. And speaking of the west no one ever tells the story of being Queer and Black, or being Queer Black and Muslim or being part of other POC immigrant communities! Can people not write as if everything over here [the west] is so perfect that when I get up and go out in the morning I dont have to protect myself in some way! Like if you are Black GENDER QUEER from an immigrant community in a low paid job travelling around on the bus or metro and feeling those crazy stares because I dont look like you or what you want me to look like.


  1. visiting

    thanks! feel the same. always the ‘liberated west’ vs ‘poor guys in the south’ narrative… it’s a myth!

  2. Mia Nikasimo

    Well, need any less be said? The crazy stares, the open abuse, the insensitive renaming to fit some chauvanist pig’s world view, the unwanted slights made in the dark corridor to my East London flat and I’m thinking the more said about this the better. Transphobia is a nasty business already but coupled with potential murder just because of one’s gender identity and you’ve got a volatile cocktail of hatred induced angst. Once upon a time, it was the evil of racism we used to fight but these days, racists of old count on us to do their dirty work for them or so it appears when we are confronted by the statement: “Let them get on with clearing up their own rubbish!”The recognisition of old right montrosities in a previously enslaved people is a course for concern indeed. About the crazy stares? Or the overblown gossip about transfolk and whether or not we have the right to live or die based on media misrepresentation, isn’t that one of the master’s tools of old? You know the closet types, right? That’s all I’ll say… Whether we pass or not we are still your sisters and brothers, both together or neither and still as human as the next person. Get over it already!!!