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Turbulence – a poem by Donald Molosi.

in the proverbial accord of hand
and glove does the
sea flirt with you as
i watch from the plane.

– turbulence! –

land of Nkrumah, of gods and gold,
land of Ghana: wonsu saa biom.
your tears salted the sea once when
it beguiled you like a harlot, and
history taught your children to dread ships.

– turbulence! –

it is time for a new thought.
…time for a new thought.
i like flying.
it gives me a mischievous anonymity and places me
above time, above place. above history’s tears

Donald is a writer, poet and classically trained as an actor at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). He is from Botswana and is a graduate of Williams College in the US. He has just spent 18 months studying Forum Theatre in Senegal, Uganda, France and England, and is currently working in New York City.


  1. Retjoun

    Ngola ntate.

  2. Donaldmolosi

    ke a leboha. thank you!

  3. Sneha

    I love the duality of turbulence.
    The “third world” rattled by foreign ships. The turbulence of a heart that feels its history, the turbulence of the struggle to reach above.

  4. Darkdaughta

    flying indeed. i also like to fly mostly under the impetus of my own self imposed, self defined turbulence. it was lovely. thank you. 🙂