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Fela’s music is the weapon Nigeria needs to spread the truth

Whenever there is a crisis or any news of injustice in Nigeria my mind goes to Fela and I wish he was still here to articulate events through his music. His music and his words reached all sections of Nigerian society in ways that Twitter and Facebook never will at least not in the near to medium future. The stories coming out the mouths of the Nigerian government are becoming more and more implausible; there is still very little from the opposition and other presidential candidates; civil society is silent; We need “FELA” to speak to truth and expose the lies because no one else in the country is… [Read Music is the Weapon for Fela]

An Al Jazeera report Inside MEND Training Camp, shows the militants very much operational and at the ready to fight which is contradictory to reports being touted by President Goodluck Jonanthan and his government that MEND have laid down their arms. And lets remember that MEND is a loose collection of militant groups each with it’s own leadership and clearly this group are not intending to lay down arms. MEND leader Henry Okah has also been speaking out again contradicting the Presidents claim that MEND had nothing to do with the bombing.

Thanks to Chykere for the link to Fela


  1. Mia1786

    Direct action! This seems to be the way to speak to the Nigerian grass roots these days. Apathy hasn’t served Nigerians in the past, corruption is rife, unemployment high and dare I say it, some of us are still being marginalised into non existence… “Suffer, suffer” said Fela once. Are we still lock in the Zombie mode? Or was it, “follow, follow”? Religion plays its part and the many repressions that come with over zealous righteousness… Yes, Fela had the antidote to kick start the revolution. Femi Kuti and Weird Mc are still reaching out in the various comebacks. Check them out!!!

  2. “MEND is not involved. I am the owner of MEND” by Chief Government Ekpemupolo is typically Nigerian yet the fool and others like him wanted a new Sorrow, Tears, and Blood country. From the North to the South, we have everything in common. Never mind the daft religions, but hey, we also have religion in common like we have lying, thief-thief & corrupt VIP zombie politicians. But after D-9, I will conclude that our true nationality is humankind. If only everyone would just stop for living the Shuffering & Shmiling existence and get away from the OBJ Confusion & Authority Stealing. We might get a chance to stop the coming Army Arrangement.

    Enough of my daft rant, to Fela, he was right and just as we respect Karl Marx as a genius, we should reserve a proper place in history for Fela A Kuti. His legacy in just coming out with the simple things lives. Unlike little big man Shakara Tompolo and his new friend JJD Sideshow Goodluck. Tompolo was a contractor with oil giant Chevron. I just wonder which I.T.T. is pulling the string in this 50 Independence Bomb Saga.

  3. Sokari

    NWN@ Wonderful 🙂

  4. Solomonsydelle

    A modern day Fela to act as a political mouthpiece would be crucial in this day and age. There are many musicians & artists who are trying to use their craft to send political messages, but can anyone come close to Baba? Well, time will tell.

    Off to listen to some rebel music Fela-style.