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Feminist Africa: How Africom contributes to militarisation in Africa

Scholar/activist Amina Mama discusses the evolution of a pan-African feminism, much of it in the African diaspora, and also how it links to feminist and anti-capitalist movements in other areas such as Haiti. How is AFRICOM, contributing to militarization on the African continent? What other trends are increasing militarism on the continent, and how are feminists responding?

Amina Mama, is chair of Gender and Women’s Studies at U.C. Davis and Global Fund for Women’s Africa programs.

In another interview Cynthia Enloe talks gives an excellent explanation of militarism and how it impacts on all our lives; She also discusses how militarism depends on women’s participatio. ; If audio doesnt work listen here

Women’s Magazine – Equality Only With Justice and Peace – August 30, 2010 at 1:00pm

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