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Interview With Ntozake Shange

Film: For Colored Girls

Some Sing Some Cry is a new novel by Ntozake Shange written together with her sister, Ifa Bayeza

The first orange light of sunrise left a flush of rose and lavender on Betty’s hands as she fingered the likenesses of her children. There were tears she was holding back and cocks crowing, as well as her granddaughter’s shouts, ‘Nana, you ready?’ Betty sighed and closed the album reluctantly. Time had come for the last of the Mayfields to leave Sweet Tamarind, the plantation they’d known as home for generations.”

Ntozake Shange is interviewed by Black Voices about the book and the film “For Colored Girls” directed by Tyler Perry. Ms Shange is non-committal about the film saying Perry has put his own stamp on the film by shortening the original title but she had approved of it in the beginning and enjoyed some of the rough cuts she had seen. Read the full interview here…

Below Ntozake Shange speaks about growing up in St. Louis – sounds wonderful!

For Colored Girls opens on November 10th 5th

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  1. MavDanie

    Hi. First of all, allow me to say thank you for this great interview. I’m writing from Paris in France, I am a student in American Literature and I’m doing a paper on Ntozake Shange and specially on For Colored Girls..
    I was wondering if you know how I can contact her for my paper, to see what she can teach me about the play… If you have any information, I’ll be very thankful to you to keep me in touch.