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A Prayer for Amy

A Prayer for Amy

Let us close our eyes in pray for dear Amy, here!
We hope the Almighty God in heaven helps her see,
We are all well adjusted, heavenly father, please help,
We hope she becomes born again in your image?

Heavenly father, this is for Amy your prodigal lamb,
Father it’s the way she looks at other girls, father?
Father, see to stop Amin wearing all that make up?
Father in your holiest of names, everlastingly, we pray…

We hope for his safe deliverance from Satan’s grasp,
We are all accepting father and in your name we pray,
We hope we are able with your guidance to save her
From eternal damnation, father?

Heavenly whatever, this is your Yoruba daughter, Amy,
Heavenly, not earth bound minds of African authoritarianism,
Heavenly, not heady; just me, Amy, mourned before my time,
I am what I am, that’s all heavenly father; spirit spawn.

I can’t help seeing them turn their noses up at the ancestors.

Fancy that, you love for good while practising evil deeds…

Fancy that, vacant stares, sorely, moody, all for saying, “pantheon!”

Fancy that, what pantheon? The African spirit, that’s what!!!

Mia Nikasimo © October 2010.