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Conference on Sexworkers cancelled by Ugandan ethics minister

Earlier today, a conference for the Commercial Sex Workers Leadership  Institute [SWLI] was cancelled on the orders of the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Mr Buturo who claimed “prostitution” is illegal therefore the SWLI was an illegal organisaton.   The conference organised by  Akina Mama wa Afrika was due to start today, the 18 until 20th November at the Serena Hotel,Ranch on the lake.

Kasha Jacqueline of Freedom and Roam Uganda provides some background.

In 2008 again the same Minister stopped a sex workers confence which was scheduled to take place in Entebbe and the conference  had to relocate and have the confence in Mombasa,this time around the conference unlike in 2008 had started.It is a violation of human rights of the highest order and we need all the support available to condemn this abuse.Everybody has a right to work and this means that the Minister is undermining the work the Sex workers are involved in.Its their bodies and they have the right to choice and bodily integrity.So for the Minister to dictate what they should or shouldnt do with their bodies is a violation of the CSW rights.

Akina Mama wa Afrika has been very involved in fighting for sexual minorities rights in Uganda and needs all your support at this trying time.

Please email your outrage at the cancellation and support of Akina Mama wa Afrika to the Minister to


  1. Shane Petzer (Ashoka Fellow)

    solidarity with sex workers!!!!

  2. Sokari

    YES! Solidarity with sex workers.

  3. Clifford

    The government of Uganda should know that it undermining the universal and fundamental human rights in respect to the UN and if nothing is done from other nations, then the CSWs in Uganda are deemed to continue suffering.

  4. Hii ni musuri. Mbona watu wanataka kuedelesa umalaya?