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“I am just doing my job” – eating the female body

Zanele Muholi’s installation on the objectification and commodification of the female body – “I’m Just Doing My Job” at the Michael Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town. The installation uses raw meat parts in mimicking the women in Japan whose bodies are used to serve sushi for the pleasures of men and some women.

As well as used computers being dumped on the continent, used panties and other underwear are shipped out to Africa where they are bought by poor women. We’ve all seen them on the street, Haiti too is full of used underwear, shoes and other artifacts of western over consumption. Here Zanele searches and climbs the mountain of panties to cover her naked body. The struggle is like climbing a mountain and searching for the right moments, ideas and strategies to get to the top – to bring down the mountain of hate and oppression that destroys the lives of lesbians like Ncumisa Mzamelo