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Niger Delta, Nigeria

NAIJA Voices: We are also Nigerians!

Kayode Ogundamisi meets the voices of Nigeria during the October 1st In[dependence] Day in Abuja

Main stream media did focus on the “kings and queens” the “very important persons” I was only keen to get the voice of the Nigerian, the unknown heroes and Heroines who make Nigeria great. Those who never get a mention on mainstream platforms. Towards the end of my video I arrived the bomb blast scene and it is to those unknown Nigerians that I dedicate my efforts to. That day October 1st 2010 was a day of celebration for the Nigerian government who had spent a scandalous 17.9 billion Naira on a jamboree for ordinary Nigerians and NAIJAS it was a day of Sorrow, Tears, and Blood “Viewer Discretion Is Advised” Project facilitated Kayode Ogundamisi