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An obituary to David Kato by his friend and colleague, Val Kalende

Val Kalende remembers David and the deep love he had for all LGBTIQ people.  She also provides some insight into the last few days before David was murdered.

Sorrow, loss, and grief engulf Uganda’s LGBT community as we lay to rest our friend, brother, and colleague, David Kato Kisule. As we mourn the loss of Africa’s brave human rights defender, we celebrate him for the leader and visionary that he was.

David lived his life for his friends, even defending those he hardly knew. His energy and quick response to security matters within the LGBT community was why we named him “security.” David was always concerned for the safety of others. Many times, he put himself out of the way for the sake of others. He fed, dressed, comforted, and housed many members of the community who were homeless.

Who Killed David?

As investigations into the murder of David proceed, many will point to different places and indicators in search for answers. As someone who has lived and worked with David, i know that his death is unfortunate but it should not surprise us too much. For those who still doubt the impact of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the murder of David should make us think again. David’s death warrant was signed and stamped the day the Family Life Network of Uganda hosted American revisionist Scott Lively and his entourage of self-confessed gay men. Lively’s time bomb has finally exploded and it’s David’s body on the alter of hate. Lively’s four-hour behind-closed-doors meeting with Ugandan Members of Parliament has finally culminated in Uganda’s worst hate crime against LGBT people. The series of hate crime since the Lively hate-spitting delegation left Uganda are undeniable. Some of David’s interviews indicate that he anticipated that the worst was going to happen. It was only a matter of time.

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Burial arrangements are underway today Friday 28, 2011 at 2PM at David’s ancestral home in Namataba, Mukono District.