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Nigeria 2011 – Moving beyond jagajaga

Unlike previous years, the 2011 Nigerian elections are being subject to far greater scrutiny than ever before. Independent media, Nigerian bloggers / Twitterers, pro-democracy and voter registration groups are closely monitoring the election process. The Nigeria Election Coalition is an online / offline collaboration bringing together a network of groups and individuals working towards ensuring elections are “free and fair.” One of the initiatives they’ve taken is to use literature and art as a way of highlighting the intersection between the right to vote and the duty not to vote. For this they have invited a collaboration between poet and editor of Saraba Magazine, Emmanuel Iduma and portrait artist, Illa Amudi [who has designed all the Saraba front covers].

Even those who have seen
the blindness of
sixty-four million eyes
know the features of
Black-painted ballot boxes
We, children of silence,
have upturned those boxes.
They’re standing
flat faced.
Like this.

All the poems will be available under W11+1 on the site

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  1. Emmanuel Iduma

    Thanks Sokari. Please visit the site for the second poem in the series.