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Notin’ Do U [Nothing Worries You]

Notin’ Do U [Nothing Worries You]
your mind is philosophy.
your loyalty epically stays in love
and you love me in a way that
safely feels something like ‘prophetic’;
you see things in my soul
that elude my ordinary eyes
and i can feel it deeply when we talk.
it is in the way you casually lean your body
towards mine and then talk half-asleep,
it is in that unutterable way you look at me when no one is around,
it is in the sweetly serious way you say we should
talk a lot so that we don’t float past each other like space men
but rather grow together entwined.
i like it when we talk and your delightful mind
sparkles in conversation and your short white teeth
reveal a sweet, rare smile behind full, dark lips because simply put,
when we are together, notin’ do u.
…you are now pressing hard against me.
and in your face i see
a fineness raw, exciting yet gentle.
all in one deliciously dark, square-jawed face…
…for there’s a fluid storm rising and billowing like harmattan
behind your pair of marble eyes.

© Donald Molosi Nov. 30, 2010