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The Daily Chalkboard – Monrovia News

When we talk about Internet and mobile communications, we should always keep in mind that in many parts of the world these technologies just don’t compute.

The Daily Talk via Chalkboard blogger, Alfred Sirleaf provides daily news to Monrovians. In his newsroom he gathers the news of the day then transfers it in short form to his chalkboard. He has five reporters and helpers on his staff. News is organised into “hot” and “soft” and is weighted according to its importance or interest. The news is also written in vernacular which again increases the accessibility.

What I love about the Daily Talk is the interaction generated by having the news displayed publicly in this way. Its a kind of participatory information sharing where the news is discussed as it’s being read. Participatory blogging. Street blogging. Chalkboard blogging.

Via Future Journalism Project

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  1. ellenfoto

    great story! very effective way to spread the news and encourage discussion.