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Commentary: “objectively” less attractive?

If as Satoshi Kanazawa’s claim that, “Black women are “objectively” less attractive!” is anything to go by racism in academia is at an all time high and we black women must repudiate this passionately. Over a decade ago, I had the misfortune of listening to a Japanese undergraduate saying of the different races: “There are whites, yellow and then at the bottom, there are blacks!” I was furious as much then as I am faced with this fresh slur. Here we are again full circle. My surprise is that the London School of Economics and Political Science is supervising such racist pseudo scientific tripe in the name of evolutionary psychology. Belittling any race in this manner is tantamount to racism and could be said to be academic racial cleansing. As a black woman, it is deeply upsetting and denigrating to black people and black women in particularly and calls into question notions of beauty.

Such an infraction academic or otherwise must be petitioned in the strongest terms. Sign the petition to Psychology Today to retract the article, apologise and explain why it was published in the first place.