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Queer Politics, Transgender

The Fist

Observations on a panel on LGBTIQ issues in African and the Diaspora

The day after the night before the unlocking of the activist’s jaws
“Sweet!” said she to say goodbye and welcome in one voice, one.
I am transgender, not a transgenderist, a transsexual woman! No
Butcher than butch, no femme® than femme, me: a lesbian at arms,
No Less; not less, no more baby, have no fear, have no fear, just be!

Don’t be afraid to let me change ala Leslie Feinberg, warrior dame!
No side bitching bitches will unsettle the earth from its axial perch,
The diversity of the unit depends on us uniting; no back talking…
Yes, so I admit to being a lesbian albeit fearful of your nationalism
You and your fag hag bitching like we weren’t even here together.

The night was a success, I can feel me: black, transsexual, woman
A lesbian. Why did you ask? Why didn’t she answer? Why not fly
Free in the face of it all. Cautiously treading these uncharted tides.
How long was I sat there without voice? Is there a lesbian panelist?
I was there doing the personal is the political… Not speaking yet.

In me, speaking my voice in us; raising consciousness that we know,
That we speak out, we exist in this world, respect ourselves, others
When admissions arise, “what is transgenderism, any how? Answer:
Come one, come all under one umbrella and unite; speak one voice.
Tracy O’Keefe said it best, “Trans X u all”1 watch this active fist.

Mia Nikasimo © May 2011